San Diego love.

Just a little side track post from our Europe trip to give San Diego some love. Who doesn’t love this laid back, care-free city? Or maybe I feel that way since I had lived there in my twenties when life was a little more laid back & care-free? When we had lived there a few years ago, summers at the beach were filled with Zonies who’d come over and rent beach homes for a week or more. Now we’re the very Zonies who do that every summer to escape this crazy, endless heat that makes you feel like you’re walking out into an oven every time you step outside. Thank you San Diego for being close enough for us to visit, for your beautiful beaches, and for your amazing weather. We definitely soaked in all the goodness while we were there!

These are just a few Instagram pics I took when I felt the urge to pull out my iPhone. Enjoy!

Balboa Park’s Spanish Village full of talented artist studios and happy rainbow tiles. Don’t you just want to lay down and wrap all the colors around you like a blanket?

The San Diego New Children’s Museum is nothing short of AWESOME. I come here every time with my photographer friend, Daisy Varley and her two girls and we end up having the greatest time exploring and creating.

We always stay on Mission Bay since we have friends with little ones, so the bay is a fun & safe way for everyone to be able to play in the water. Bonus of the Bayside: nightly fireworks from SeaWorld can be seen from our front patio area!
mission bay san diego
The one thing I miss the most about San Diego…our weekly beach volleyball games every Thursday evening. This court is crying out to me…or maybe it’s the other way around.

The one night I decided to take a walk to the ocean side, the sky put on a phenomenal show.

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