Aspen in the Fall.

Last time we were in Aspen, we only got to spend two full days there and realized it was not enough time to explore all that this gorgeous area had to offer. So, we decided to come back in the fall and hopefully catch the aspens turn yellow. I guess we really lucked out because the aspens were at their peak, giving everyone amazing views of golden mountainsides. This was actually a bit bittersweet for me because I had the biggest fail in my photography life: I brought my DSLR, but there was no battery in it!!!! Of course, the only camera store in town just shut down this past May, so I was SOOL of getting my hands on a battery. I tried everything, but eventually just accepted that I was going to have to use my iPhone the entire trip…what choice did I have? Turns out, the iPhone pics turned out pretty good! Hope you think so too.

Snowmass was holding a Hot Air Balloon Festival that weekend…we caught the very end of it and saw one balloon left in the sky. (I don’t think there were too many to begin with though…for that I think we’ll head to New Mexico’s Balloon Festival one October.) Still, I love the site of a big balloon in the air.

Maroon Bells looked amazing in the morning, especially with all the gold.

We went flyfishing along the Roaring Fork river one day and both caught tons of trout!!! They were biting like crazy that day. The scenery and whole experience of being out there in the water with the rushing river, the greenery, the fish surfacing to catch their flies…it’s unbeatable. If you go, I recommend asking for Matt from Aspen Trout Guides as your guide. He is EXCELLENT!

I couldn’t get enough of the blaring golden aspens. Bottom left was when we biked one day and happened upon the John Denver sanctuary, a neat little spot next to the creek with many of his famous songs carved onto large stones. Drew and I both love his music. His songs are simple, but they get to the heart of the matter. “Sunshine on my shoulders, makes me happy.” Amen!

This last one was taken while we were biking along the Rio Grande trail. If you’re in the area in the summer, rent bikes in town and head down this trail for a beautiful, leisurely ride!

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