Sean & Kasen – growing up! {Child & Family Photography}

Do all parents look at their kids sometimes and say to themselves, “How did you get so big all of a sudden?” I remember looking at my little sister when she was a toddler and thinking “I wish you could stay this small forever” because she was so stinking cute! But as much as we wish they would stay that way, it’s also fun to watch them grow and develop their own little personalities. Every time Drew and I see our nephews, they’re more interactive so it gets a lot more fun.

Last month we were in Orange County and I got the chance to do family portraits for them at this beautiful spot that Lanie picked out! The San Juan Capistrano train station is like a photographer’s dream…so many spots to photograph, so much fun! Here’s a few images from the family session that day.

Someone got really excited when the train passed by.

It doesn’t always go smoothly when photographing little ones. This is a pic you don’t normally see put up, but it’s a real moment, and it makes me chuckle. =)

LOVE this one! And can I add – awesome kids come from awesome parents, and Galen and Lanie are really amazing parents.

(In case you’re wondering…yes, Kasen is screaming in that one, but hey, if you look at it from afar, you can’t really tell and probably think he’s laughing his head off!)

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