Sedona: Buddha Beach, Cathedral Rock, Red Rock Crossing…and a little bit of Jerome!

After all these years of visiting Sedona, I never knew there was this special little place called Buddha Beach. It’s located in the Crescent Moon Picnic Area, otherwise known as Red Rock Crossing. Apparently the site of a strong feminine vortex, Buddha Beach sits next to Oak Creek and is filled with hundreds, if not thousands of cairns. What are cairns you ask? Well, I didn’t know this either, but they’re man-made piles of stones stacked one on top of another. We’ve all seen random ones here and there, but a place where there are tons of them? It seemed endless, surreal, and comical all at once. You can’t help but be in awe and maybe even giggle to yourself as you meander through the area. You may even be tempted to make a cairn of your own. Why not?


Apparently it was grasshopper season because these little guys were all over the place.

I had to add one to this whole collection since they obviously didn’t have enough. Guess which one.

Red Rock Crossing with Cathedral Rock in the background.

Oak Creek’s reflections of the red rocks. {Instagram}

After waking up for an early sunrise trip to Airport Mesa, then walking through Crescent Moon Park to Buddha Beach and Red Rock Crossing, we decided to drop by Jerome before heading back to Phoenix so Daisy could make her flight back. This town has character.

Part of the Surgeon’s House B&B.

Having heard so much about the butternut squash soup at the Asylum, we had to go. Yes, the soup was good, but I probably wouldn’t return since everything else we ordered was below average. Sorry for being harsh, but I gotta tell it like it is. We loved how they totally decked out the place for Halloween though. And doesn’t Daisy look great sitting on those steps?

Girls’ weekend with one of my favorite people in the world was better than I had even hoped for. Laughter, tears, and unbelievably great bonding time – and the perk of having another pro photographer along is I finally have a few pics of myself – though it’s in scrubby hiking clothes, it’s still nice to have. Thanks Daze.

And I’ll end with an image from Daisy’s camera that sums up our trip. Whoooohoooo!!!!!!

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