Watson Lake, Prescott, Arizona

After 5 years of living in AZ, Drew & I finally got ourselves to explore Prescott, mainly Lake Watson. I love water, but combine that with these rock formations called the Granite Dells and I’m in heaven! We went on a weekday, and there were no kayak rentals during that time, so we hiked around and found so much to stop and gaze upon – up close & from afar. This place is unlike any other I’ve ever seen. It’s amazing. I say definitely hike it and if you have time, go back & rent a kayak for a whole different experience.

This was in September and we lucked out with fields of yellow sunflowers!!!



Cute little bug friends we found along the way.



Heading back into town, we passed by Whiskey Row…which deserves a good exploration in itself, and went back to our adorable B&B called Prescott Pine Inns.

Had to take a picture of their rubber ducky fountain in front of the B&B.

As Drew slept in that morning, I decided to head out for sunrise photos of Lake Watson. With the way it’s situated, it’s more of a sunset photo sort of place, so I headed down the road (& got a bit lost!) to find Willow Lake. Plenty of hikers out there savoring the beautiful morning weather. Not as many dells on this side, but the tall green grass made up for it all.



If you ever want to just get away for a bit and soak in some natural gorgeousness, head up to Prescott & these lakes. During sunset time, there’s a group of retired folks playing in their drum circle. See if you can catch them playing!

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