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Sedona: West Fork and Airport Mesa Vortex {Travel Photography}

My spunky, lovable, and crazy good friend, Daisy Varley, and the woman who I credit for getting me into professional photography years ago when we met in photography class in San Diego, came out for a girl’s weekend with me in mid October. We had a BLAST!!! Laughter, tears, and good ol’ girl bonding time in the middle of one of the most beautiful places on earth. This weekend definitely left me appreciating her and Sedona a lot more.

We started off at the West Fork, one of my favorite hikes during the fall since you can actually see some fall colors.

Daisy and I used to shoot weddings together in San Diego. Though I’m doing boudoir now, Daisy is still rockin’ it with wedding photography. Check out her amazing work HERE.

With two photographers on a trail, we took FOREVER to hike even 50 feet. Stop here. Wait, stand there. Now sit here. Ok, your turn. Thanks Daze.

Photographer duel.

We didn’t make it far into the West Fork trail since we wanted to get to Devil’s Bridge before sunset. For the life of us, we couldn’t seem to find the dang trailhead as we drove from one side of Sedona to the other, so we just pulled off the side of the road and hiked through some cactus so that we could get in some sunset photos before it was too late. The warm glow breathed new life into the rocks at that time.

Instagramming…because one camera just isn’t enough.

The night before, we stayed up late, but somehow managed to drag our butts out of bed so that we could head up to Airport mesa for some sunrise shots. I’m rarely the type who would get out of bed early just to do this, but it was so worth it! The early morning clouds made it look like there was fire in the sky.

Waiting for the sun to peek out.

Here it comes…

Hallelujah! Hallelujah, hallelujah…

Airport mesa is known for its strong vortex, especially during sunrise and sunset. I’m not sure what to make of the vortex theories, but I definitely felt extremely at peace, light, content, and connected to the natural world while up there. But who wouldn’t, being up there at sunrise with giant red rocks surrounding you? This lady laying on the rock took things one step further and got into her own world, humming and meditating.

Which, in turn, inspired Daisy to get in touch with her Native American roots and start chanting. Just kidding! Daisy isn’t Native American. But she DID start chanting though. This girl never fails to crack me up!

Airport mesa looked like another world from this point of view.

And I’ll end with my favorite image during this sunrise in Sedona. More of Sedona in the next post!